Dear my blog, how’s life? am back 🙂 now, I bring an amazing story *amazing in my version* :))). Yes, as i mention on title, Maroon5 in concert, and i was there!! wohooo!! So that’s way i put on tittle that am speechless. Yes, am so speechless. This is a second concert that i attended, first concert is Bruno mars, April last year. I already told on this blog. Am speechless, finally i can watched them, after all the fight :))). When i know on the first time that they will come banck to Indonesia, I was tell to myself that i have to watch them, yes have to!!. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the ticket online :(, but the promotor has announce again taht they will concert 2 days in a row. Wohooo, dengan kekuatan bulan gw berjuang buat dapetin tiketnya!!!!! :)))).

The day has came, after office hour I went to Istora Senayan, don’t care when rains was falls, it’s all for mamang Adam Levine and the gank :))). Has arrived at Istora, as soon as possible I go to venue, even the show start at 8PM. Wohoo venue already full, i don’t know where should sit. FYI, I bought tribun ticket and FYI, watched it alone 😀 :). Yes, A.L.O.N.E :)))).

The concert began, The Cab as opening act after that Maroon5. The Cab just sang 3 songs and Maroon5 almost 20 songs (kalo ga salah inget 😀). Wohoo I don’t know what to say when concert began, it’s so Awesome guys!! ♥. Nonstop Maroon5 perform, only one or two took a break. In the middle when will sang Moves Like Jagger, Adam Levine will do gagnam style :|, Adam Levine said ‘do you want it??” audience yell loud together “NOOOOO” :)). I think, the best part is when Maroon5 sang Won’t Go Home Without You, yess every word “I won’t go home without you” audience always point to Adam Levine :))). Yess, I won’t go home without you Adam Levine!! :))). Oh God, I love being around there. I love their performance.

Oh well, I can’t say with more words. For sure is really, really M.A.R.V.E.L.O.U.S!! ♥♥♥♥♥ and I had so much, much, much fun. Sang, dance together with them. No matter am alone, i really enjoy it and it’s so worth, really worth :’). Let me share some picture.


Adam Levine playing drum

First perfom

Ticket 😀

If you cried because didn’t watch, so do I. I cried because I was there 😉 ♥♥♥♥♥. Many thanks to Java Musik Indo (@JAVAmusikindo), Adrie Subono (@adriesubono) for such an awesome concert, lighting, venue. Hope next year they will back :).


Deeply Regards,

Inez ♥