Too long tittle I think :|. Yes, why you always said that your job is better than my job or the other job?. I know your job is no need to go to office, your job just need do at your home, not as other person who should going earlier and back home late. I know your job sometimes can make money day by day, not as the other people should be working in one month.

Can you explain to me, what are indicator that your job is better than other?. My Job is halal. Am not a robber. I didn’t get money from steal something. Sorry that I should tell like this. Because you always quip, you always underestimate :(.

We are in same situation. We are in same condition that we should earn money for our life. We are in our effort to continue our life. We are knows how hard this life.

So please, don’t be quip and underestimate about other job. I never bother your job right? 🙂