Dear My blog

am back 🙂 sorry for neglect you, i lost my passion in writing. I don’t know, i don’t have any idea and special story to be write 😦

so, what happened with me in 2 months ago? like usually, too busy in work. Btw, its already Ramadhan, and this is second ramadhan that am feel flat, sure!!. too bad facing this ramadhan alone. yes, alone. why? ah don’t ask me why 😦 too sad to be tell 😦

aha, on June 17, it was my birthday 🙂 wow already 24 yah :D, too old..hihihihi.. On last birthday it was simple. Don’t have any special surprise, don’t have any special greetings, but i have special gift. Yes, the gift from my cousin who always i call with Babah oche. He gave me an original germany’s jersey \m/ \m/ 🙂 🙂 many thanks ya babah :), really love the gift :’).

Hmm, i don’t know what i have to say again.

Let’s to the next post yah, i will write about my-7-years-feeling-not-finish-yet *halah apaan sih :D*

See ya :*