Hallo my dearest blog, am sorry neglected you again. Am too much busy on works, so tied up when arrived home, need more rest if weekend :(. Btw, it’s already new year 2012, hope half of my dreams will come true, be better than last ;).

Talk about the title, hmm i dunno should be happy or sad *of course you should happy nyez :)*. Iyess, he will getting married next week, February 12, 2012. He is my second brother :). He wiil marry his best friend when they were in university. Can i called it with destiny?? 😀 😀 :D.

Why am so sad? i dunno, maybe i wiil lose brother like him. Eventhough he always resentful, but i love him :D. He is so kind, he always asked me about my education, non-formal education, about my jobs. If am going home (very) late at night he always asked me ‘where are you?” or sometimes if the time match he will pick me up and we going home together. But, am sure all the activity will be so hard when he married :(. Problematical he will going home, it can be he going home to his parents in law.

One of the hardest part is, i can’t decide so fast when something happen with my mom :(. To date, when my mom complain or sick, all the decision is depend on my brother. I dunno what should i do after his married :(. But, always pray that my mom always be fine & health 🙂 amin :).

Hmmm okelah forget the sadness lah ya, lets happy for him & sister in law 🙂


Best sister in the world 😀