hello my dearest bloggy.. now, im back to tell the story about my graduation day.. even its almost 2 months ago, but never mind 🙂

firstly i want to say ALHAMDULILLAH and many thankies to my all, ALLAH SWT :).. All of my efforts gave so many results.. im so much happy can through and passed all of that 🙂

until now, im still amazing that i can, i can through the final exam of the thesis and i can passed it, even my score not the higher, but never mind, its enough for me..

the graduation day on March 26 2011 at GSG Kampus B UNJ. Before the event held, about 3 weeks ago, i had a graduation from my majoring and my faculty. oh iya, i dont know, i have to really happy or sad to face that day, as u know my mother cant join 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 :(. she is unhealthy. padahal, that day is specially i present to her, but she cant attend :(, so only my brother, my aunt and my uncle who is came.

and here is some pictures of my graduation day, start from majoring.

Vivi, Uknee and Me

Mas Kiki, Me, Wa Neni and Wa Bit

Vivi, Uknee, Me, Uya, Dije.. Kangeeeennn :*


Its Me *ulalala* 😀

once again, i want to said many thankd to my Lord, ALLAH SWT, my mom this is for u mom :), my brothers, all of my mates who gave me the strenght.. I LOVE U ALL SO MUCH :*

and thank you to everybody who read my posts, c u at other story