this posting based on the conversation between me and vivi and continued to the twitter (my update twit).

tomorrow, me and vivi has appoitment go to campus rawamangun. we decided to meet at 9 am, but i can’t. I said to her ‘how about half ten? because i will go to the doctor first’..she asked me ‘why u going to doctor? what happen with u?’.. and i said ‘nope, i just want to ask some medicine sleep (because lately often got insomnia)’..she said ‘hmm, its not good for u, u can try drink a glass of hot milk or turn off ur lamp or use a light sleep’.. and i said ‘i’ve tried drank a glass of milk, i don’t have light sleep and i’m scare if must turn off the lamp, i’m scare if i will -titindihan-‘..

after the conversation end, i update my twitter (u can follow @inyezinyez..hihi :D), i said ‘pada bisa ya tidur tapi lampunya dimatiin.. ih kok gw ngeri ya? ngeri ditindihin’..

well, its a fact.. i have experienced it. me turn off the lamp, me sleep tight but suddenly me woke up, because feel ‘ditindihin’ 😦 :(.. its really heavy!! i can’t movement at all but i awake, but can’t do anything except pray.. i dont know what it is 😦

anyone who fell the same with me?? can u explain what is that?? 😐 *straight face