dear all..

let me introduce my (happy) family..

the picture in above have taken on sunday, october 11th 2009

in my cousin wedding..

first i’ll introduce my mom, yes she is a women who wearing brown kabaya and sitting in a whellchair.. #mom, what are u looking for??# 😀

my mom is a supermom..she is extra patient, extra kind and extra strong

how i really admire her & full of love with her 🙂

now i try to be a nice daughter for her..

and second i’ll  introduce my 1st and 2nd brother..

my 1st brother is a man who standing right from me, and of course my 2nd brother is a man who standing left from me..

they name is Arief Yusuf Widodo *1st brother* and  Barkah Yusuf Widodo *2bd brother*

they are really kind and protected me (maybe because i’m the only one litlle girl..hihi LOL !!)

hmm, so where is my father??

so sorry, he was passed away almost 5 years ago 😦

he was sick, complication..

of course my brothers is must being subtitute my father..

father, we’ll gonna miss u so.so.so on 😦

never stop to always pray for u..

hope u rest in peace in there 🙂

i’m so much in love with them, never thought if i lose one of them

they are deep of precious for me..


your litlle daugter and sister 🙂