I can only complain

because  the holidays was running out and i didn’t enjoy it !!

holiday only a few hours

but a lot of things to do and none of which have i done (PE-ER bgt yak !!)

have two assignments from  my lectures

first, i must done psychology enviroment

the assignment is in english so me and my group must translate it and get a resume

but now, i just already saw it

then put it back on my pile of books 😀 *LOL*

the second assignment is i must found in ten meaning about LERANING

five in english and five more in indonesian

this assignment in group, one group just only two persons

so i choose vivi as my partner

vivi was done the meaning in indonesian, so i left found in english

(hah..knpa ga skalian kmu yg nyari vi..hayhay!!)

but now instead of doing but instead “berleha-leha” in front of my computer

yeah wishing get an enlightenmnet

c’mon nez SEMANGAT, the time goes by..